2020 Faces of Community- Jennifer Black

Jennifer Black

Crescent Heights Community Association

Jennifer Black is a well-known name in the Crescent Heights Community Association (CHCA) and with no surprise. Her volunteer work with the community has been inspiring and selfless.

Her role on the board as engagement director has allowed her to make real change and improve many areas of the community. Her mission to make her community more inclusive, vibrant, colourful, more engaged with residents, and better connected with businesses has been successful and encouraging for others to see.

She has taken on a range of projects in her time with the CHCA, including the Children’s Chalk Festival, Winter Moon Festival, a street mural,  new engagement policies, installing 25 new colourful bike racks, hosting a build-a-bench workshop, transforming communication during AGM’s, and much more.

Jennifer’s hard work within her community has made Crescent Heights a “more connected, safe, inclusive, and joyful place to be,” said her nominator.

Her volunteerism expands beyond her own community association as she prioritizes creating connections with other organizations and businesses in Crescent Heights. She has shown strength in community building initiatives and has inspired and motivated members in her community to become more engaged and involved with projects. She has worked hard to help transform the membership program in order to make it more inclusive and welcoming and has seen the improvement it has brought into the community association.

“Volunteering with the community association has made a huge difference for me in my life,” said Jennifer.

“I’ve been able to gain new skills, take on new projects and learn to grow in many areas.”

Let Jennifer explain what volunteering means to her and why she stays involved!