2020 Faces of Community- Erin Joslin

Erin Joslin

Ramsay Community Association

Erin has spent the last five years volunteering with the Ramsay Community Association (RCA) in several roles, including Vice President External and Head of the Civic Affairs Committee.

Erin has quickly become Ramsay’s ‘go-to’ person for everything, from connecting with new neighbours to addressing crime and advocating for community-informed planning developments. Completing each role with a bright smile on her face and an open mind, she is a committed and passionate community builder.

Erin’s ability to smooth over conflict and build up community relationships has allowed her to positively impact Ramsay and her fellow volunteers. Erin’s effective use of communication, negotiation, and community building are inspiring traits, and many look up to her unwavering commitment as a volunteer.

“She is dependable and exceeds all expectations for both of her roles,” said her nominator.

Erin’s passion for volunteerism encourages her to stay involved with community initiatives. Furthermore, she is a great problem solver, and quickly finds answers or develops solutions for all the challenges that are brought to her. Connecting with new and old members of the community through her many hours with the association has allowed the community to grow and trust her.

“I started volunteering with the Ramsay CA to give back to my community and become more involved,” said Erin.

“I also felt I had a skill set that would be very valuable to the CA.”

Let Erin explain what volunteering means to her and why she stays involved!