2020 Faces of Community- Deb Lee

Deb Lee

Bridgeland Riverside Community Association

Full of ideas, Deb is a vital member of the Bridgeland Riverside Community Association team. Showing leadership when needed and well connected with residents, Deb works endlessly to represent the voiceless and disconnected. Her strong work ethic and positive attitude are an inspiration to many in her community.

“She advocates for those often forgotten and works diligently to engage and find new innovative ways to bring them on board,” said her nominator.

Working closely with the seniors in the community, Deb works hard to ensure they are included and provides several initiatives to keep them connected. She often takes the lead but also takes a step back as a “worker bee” when needed to support others in her team.  Always willing to lend a hand, she is often seen at community events taking care of the little details that would otherwise be forgotten.

Deb works to advocate for positive development of the community for the future and is very forward thinking. Her advocacy on Heritage and Parks has led to massive improvements in the community and has allowed her community to be a model for other communities in Calgary.

The history of Bridgeland is very important to Deb and she spends time educating others and keeping a solid hold on the foundation of the community through stories, pictures and reminiscing. While holding close the memories of the past she encourages positive development of the community for the future through forward thinking and hard work.

“Volunteering with my organization has really given me a sense of purpose and meaning in my retirement and that really makes a quite difference in one’s life,” said Deb.

Let Deb explain what volunteering means to her and why she stays involved!