2020 Faces of Community- David Hartwick

2020 Faces of Community- David Hartwick

David Hartwick

Northern Hills Community Association

David has been a key member of the Northern Hills Community Association for over 15 years and his tireless advocacy has brought positive change and life to his community.

David began volunteering on community boards in 2004 in order to bring to light new and exciting initiatives to make communities stronger and more involved. Each year brings new opportunities for David to work even harder to improve his community and continue to inspire others.

Through volunteering on community boards, such as the Northern Hills Community Association as the Government and Stakeholder Relations Director, Cardel Place (now Vivo), LRT on the Green, and other organizations and initiatives, the countless hours he has spent volunteering have been a valuable addition to the city. He has a passion to make all communities in Calgary better.

“If residents have a question on a local project, or want to know the history of something, David is the community go-to guy,” said his nominator.

Beyond these roles, David has founded “5 Dollar Friday,” a micro donation movement to change how people think about donating to charity and the difference they can make in the world. He encourages people to donate $5 to a local charity so they can make an impact. This simple initiative is a great example of the many ways in which David seeks to make small changes in order to create positive impressions in the city.

“Volunteering with my organization has affected my life in that it has built relationships,” said David.

“It is rewarding to be out there and be involved and have that connection on so many different levels.”


Let David explain what volunteering means to him and why he stays involved!