2020 Faces of Community- Carla Obuck

Carla Obuck

Auburn Bay Community Association

Carla has been a volunteer with the Auburn Bay Community Association (ABCA) for many years and has been able to transform her community in several ways. Strong but collaborative, she dreams big and validates the dreams of others through her work.

After sitting as the Auburn Bay representative on the Marquis De Lorne Community Association’s board, Carla recognized that Auburn Bay needed its own voice and stepped up to create the ABCA.

In her years with the ABCA, Carla has made a habit of bringing dreams to life and has brought many opportunities to her neighbours because of this.

“Carla is definitely a volunteer worth celebrating,” said her nominator.

Carla’s passion for community extends beyond Auburn Bay and she has worked hard to connect and strengthen the communities in adjacent neighbourhoods by organizing Ward 12 gatherings. In addition, Carla is the work force behind the Annual Parade of Lights in December. Carla has led a group of volunteers committed to make each year better than the last and bring magic to the community with a strong holiday spirit.

Carla is often described as selfless and always thinking of others. Because of this and her long dedication to volunteerism through each community event she is a part of, allows her to create connections and spread the warm neighbourly feeling Auburn Bay is known for.

“To date I am most proud of the fact that we are holding strong as a board in the community,” said Carla

“Its about keeping people involved.”

Launching in December… let Carla explain what volunteering means to her and why she stays involved!