2020 Faces of Community- Alice Lam

Alice Lam


Alice Lam’s passion for volunteering has allowed her to make a difference in her community through helping with several initiatives. Her creative outlook has brought a positive light to volunteering in Calgary.

Her dedication and commitment to volunteerism in Calgary is inspiring and has made a powerful impact among other Calgary volunteers and non-profits. She has spent time working with the Crescent Heights Community Association, CIWA (Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association), and Creative Aging Society, among others, but is known among other Calgary volunteers for her work as founder of Volly, an app connecting volunteers with non-profits in the City.

“Her dedication and commitment to these efforts makes her a good candidate for a Faces of Community award,” said her nominator.

The creation of Volly took a lot of creativity to move from idea to creation and, despite the naysayers, Alice has developed the tool to be a useable resource for community-based organizations.  The app has now reached over 1,400 Calgarians seeking out volunteer positions. The app allows volunteers to connect with organizations suited to their skill set and availability.

The hard work and dedication shown by Alice in all her volunteerism is admirable. Through her work with the many organizations she volunteers with and the app Volly she is making a difference within a diverse group of community members.

“I love being in the community, meeting new people, and seeing how one person can really make a difference in the community,” said Alice about her love for volunteering.

Let Alice explain what volunteering means to her and why she stays involved!