Exploring Communities: Community Collabs 2022 Application

Exploring Communities: Community Collabs 2022 Application

Exploring Communities: Community Collabs 2022 Application

Exploring Communities is a community program we offer in collaboration with an Urban Studies class from the University of Calgary.

How does Exploring Communities work?
Focusing on placemaking, students work with four communities to create a unique project through identifying demographics, needs, and amenities unique to each community.

What is Placemaking?
Placemaking is the process of turning unused spaces into places, and inspiring a connection between your residents and the community.

What are the benefits?
Your organization will: Learn about the needs and opportunities in your community. Learn new virtual ways to engage residents. Receive a project plan that you can easily implement. Engage your residents!

What is your role?
Attend pitch night. Support a group of students who will engage your residents. Provide students with insight, ideas, and feedback on their projects. Carry out the project.

After the students dream up their project idea, they will ‘pitch’ their idea to an audience at a virtual event. Winning communities will be awarded $500 or $1,000 depending on the audience’s decision.

The application deadline is December 10, 2021. Students will work with your community from January-April 2021. The project will take place from April to August.

It is important for your organization, the Federation, and the University instructor to be committed to Exploring Communities so that the program is carried out successfully. This means that all stakeholders ensure that they can uphold the meeting requirements and commit to open communication.

Projects are encouraged to take place soon after the completion of the winter 2022 semester and must be completed by August 31, 2022. Questions or comments? We are always happy to help. Contact Michelle at planner2@calgarycommunities.com

A representative from my organization will be able to attend the virtual Exploring Communities Info Session in January 2022 about the program and its requirements (1 hour) *
You will encourgage your organization's members to attend the virtual Pitch Night event (date TBD in April) (2 hours) *
The organization's board will allocate 30 minutes to meet with the students in February and March *
The organization will commit to implementing the project as funded on a reimbursement basis before August 31, 2022 *
The organization will submit a feedback form within 30 days of project/event completion *
I understand that the content described above may be included in, copied, distributed and/or shared in whole or part by means of various print or electronic media by the Federation of Calgary Communities, Friends of the Federation and University of Calgary *