Cork Connection – Wine Tasting & Silent Auction

On September 25, 2018 by Rebecca Dakin
  • Cork Connection
    January 19, 2019
    7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Please Note: this event is by invite only

Check out last year’s photos to see what fun is waiting for you!

How wine survivor works:

  1. You bring $10 and a bottle of wine to the event (wine valued at $15-20).
    A minimum of 25 bottles are required to play.
  2. Your $10 will get you one ticket into the wine survivor draw.
  3. Throughout the event we will be slowly pulling tickets from the draw box until only three tickets are left.
  4. The first ticket pulled of the remaining three gets third place, the second ticket gets second place, and the last ticket pulled gets first place and is the wine survivor.
  5. The first place wine survivor gets to pick half of all the wine bottles to take home, and then second and third place get to split the remaining half!



5432 Dalhart Road NW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T3A 1V6