Bylaw Amendments coming soon

On September 28, 2017 by Ben Morin

Hello Communities,

We wanted to inform you about a new Land Use Bylaw (LUB) amending coming soon. This new rule will help differentiate basement and backyard suites in “s” districts. This amendment will NOT be adding suites to any new districts or neighbourhoods. 


LUB NM 2017-24 will  an looking at exploring a new modifier which will help determine if a backyard suite and a secondary suite are allowed in the “s” district. The creation of this modifier will assure Council and the public as to what type of suite may occur. An applicant would still have the ability to apply for a “s” district and therefore have to option of developing a secondary or backyard suite, or they could apply for a “s(x)” district if they simply want to develop a secondary suite and have no interest in a backyard suite.

So for example, an applicant currently owns a parcel with the land use R-C1 and wants to amend their land use to allow for a secondary suite. They could pursue an amendment to either R-C1s or R-C1s(x).

Existing Land use Proposed Land Use Type of suites allowed



R-C1s Secondary Suite and Backyard Suite
R-C1s(x) Only Secondary Suite (Backyard Suite not allowed)

To be clear, this modifier is not adding or removing suites from any districts or areas, or a shift in any existing policy. The new modifier is only another tool or option. Currently the City is not  proposing to add this modifier to the developing areas as Council previously adopted the R-G/R-Gm district which provides great flexibility in terms of housing forms in the greenfield areas. The issue Council is seeking to address is focused on the single parcel land use amendments in the developed areas.


The proposed amendments will be presented to the Standing Policy Committee on Planning and Urban Development on December 13, 2107.

If you have any questions about this amendment, contact Carrie