Apply to be on UPC!

On August 23, 2017 by Ben Morin

The Federation of Calgary Communities is Accepting Applicants for our Urban Planning Committee

We are seeking community members from new or suburban developing communities to join our Urban Planning Committee (UPC).

What is UPC?

The Urban Planning Committee (UPC) is a committee of the Board of Directors that will advise the Federation’s urban planners on community association planning matters and needs. The primary role of UPC is as an advisory group with community representatives which will convene monthly (or as needed) to discuss major planning projects or issues that the Federation is working on as well as to identify items that might need to be on the Federation’s radar.

Duties of committee members include:

  • Attendance at monthly meetings: once a month (2nd last Monday of the Month) from 7-9 pm at the Federation offices (110, 720 – 28 Street NE)
  • Read materials in advance of the meeting
  • Provide a holistic and community lens to the discussion
  • Identify community planning issues and opportunities and help to develop ideas for action
  • Provide community perspectives to the Federation’s planning staff to assist them in developing responses to City of Calgary planning projects
  • Advise the Federation Board on planning matters as appropriate
  • Assist in advocating the implementation and use of good planning processes at the community level with other community association volunteers
  • Assist in providing continuity in the Federation planning role by assisting the work of planning staff, and helping to orient new planning staff
  • Provide other assistance that may be required

How are members chosen?

There are a limited number of spots available on UPC. UPC members are chosen based on factors including experience, expertise, and/or a demonstrated interest in and understanding of community planning and consultation issues as they relate to community associations citywide.

Who are we looking for?

We are currently seeking members from new or suburban developing communities who have an understanding of planning and/or related issues in their communities and an interest to learn about city-wide policy and projects.

How do I apply?

If you, or someone you know, is suitable for UPC and interested in joining, expressions of interest can be sent to

Expressions of interest should be submitted as a Word document and detail the applicant’s background and experience, particularly in community association work and planning-related work or interest. The Federation planners will review applications and contact selected applicants. Selected applicants will be appointed by the Federation’s Board to the Urban Planning Committee.

Feel free to contact Carrie for more information.