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“Temporary local projects and events that motivate Calgarians to

walk, play and be neighbourly.”

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Block Party

Food Trucks

Green Space

Noise Exemption

Outdoor Murals & Art Signs

Special Events & Festivals Street Use & Temporary No-Parking 


Parks & Pathways (20m2003)

Public Tree Protection (23M2002)

Street Use (20M88) (26M96)

Temporary Signage (29M97)

Additional Links

City of Calgary Map Gallery

Festival & Event Manual

My Calgary Services Map (Amenities)

My Property Parks Map

Pathways, Trails & Bikeways Map

Planning a Special Function

Public Tree Map

Tents & Canopies for Outdoor Special Events Brochure 

Ward Boundary Map

Tips & Tools

ActivateYYC “How To Get Started” Workshop Presentation

Learn how to do your own quick, fun, and low cost ActivateYYC project or event and get helpful hints and useful tools to make your ideas a success!

Insurance Requirements

It’s important to be safe! While community associations or organized groups have insurance that will cover any damage to their building, you may need special event insurance in case someone gets injured.  Understand what your insurance covers and be aware of special event insurance! It’s quick and affordable. See the Special Events & Festivals page for more info!

Expense example

When  you are submitting your expenses, it is important that you give us a detailed description of your expenses so we aren’t scratching our heads wondering what you’ll be using the grant for. It will also give us assurance that you’ve thought about your ActivateYYC plan or event. Just a few reminders:

  • Funds can be requested for a range of project materials (i.e. permit fees, refreshments for the event, artists fee, rental of meeting space, promotional items, etc.).  Honorariums can only be given for hired professionals  i.e.  Artist, Musician, Guest speaker, professional facilitator etc. Please be detailed when you request an honorarium. Volunteer time cannot be claimed.
  • ActivateYYC grant money cannot be used to purchase assets (any item over $500 and has a lifespan of over 1 year i.e. laptop). Examples of items that qualify include decorations or materials.
  • Reimbursement cheques will be made out to your partnership organization and not to individuals. Individuals should work with the organization to get reimbursed.
  • Max Grant Amount: $750
  • The ActivateYYC grant can only be used for the project/event originally submitted. Changes to the event/project must be approved by the project coordinator.

Here is a a example of an detailed Expense sample

Other Grant Opportunities

The following grants can be used with your ActivateYYC project.

  • Calgary Foundation Neighbour Grants: Neighbour Grants offer up to $5000 to support resident-led projects that help create and strengthen bonds of neighbouliness. Applications are accepted four times a year, and applicants must team up with a registered charity.
  • Calgary Foundation Stepping Stones Grants: Offering Funds form $100-$600, Stepping Stones encourages residents to undertake small, creative projects that benefit their local community. Deadline is midnight of the 1st of every month.

Project Ideas 

Need simple and easy ideas to get you started? Purchase our engagement toolkit for ideas that are simple, easy to read and guide you throughout your project. Our toolkit sections include information on engaging to INFORM, engaging for INPUT or engaging to BELONG. Each section works off one another!  We have tools and tips on ideas like community gardens, food events, notice boards and more. Ready to tackle more? See below!

101 Project Ideas

  • Sidewalk chalking
  • Street labs
  • Park & Ride labs
  • Paint the pavement
  • Community gardens
  • Benches
  • Bus stop revitalization
  • Pop-up patios
  • Park BBQ’s
  • Wayfinding
  • Walking school buses
  • Winter bike tours
  • Walking tours
  • Walk audit
  • Lane mural
  • Lane gardens
  • Living wall
  • Safe walk
  • “Before I Die…” idea boards
  • Urban participatory art
  • Chalk trails
  • Nature collection
  • Dog walk
  • Yoga on the street
  • Activism walks
  • Intersection redesign
  • Pop-up planters
  • Parklet
  • Projection art
  • Park(ing) day
  • Snow/water fights
  • De-fencing
  • Community parade
  • Carolling
  • Garage sale walks
  • Christmas light walks
  • Pop-up shops
  • Winter festivals
  • Farmer’s market
  • Yarn bombs
  • Urban camping
  • Little libraries
  • Busker’s corner
  • Paint bombing
  • Giant scrabble game
  • Christmas tree in the rink
  • Street/block party
  • Community murals
  • “Jane’s Walks”
  • Snow angels
  • Mall walking
  • Urban braille
  • Multi-generational projects
  • Family soccer
  • Community history project
  • Garden viewing
  • Bike parade
  • Lantern walk

Check out our gallery of project ideas below! Projects become more complex the farther down in the gallery they appear.


ActivateYYC is now closed!

Thank you to all who applied and congratulations to all the recipients.

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