“Temporary local projects and events that motivate Calgarians to

walk, play and be neighbourly.”

  • To be eligible for the third round, projects must take place between August 2018 to March 2019 – we are seeking projects that promote walking in every season, and can occur all across the city.
  • We want to spread ActivateYYC across as many communities as we can. If your community has already been selected for a microgrant, we unfortunately cannot fund another project from the same community. Please see the ActivateYYC  Judging  & Recipients to view the successful applicants. Projects in wards 7,8,9, & 11 are now SOLD OUT!
  • Applicants must submit an ActivateYYC application and be approved by the judging committee BEFORE  the project starts to be eligible for reimbursement funding
  • Projects can be short-term and must have a takedown or clean-up plan.
  • Projects can be any size – big or small.
  • Projects should be a new idea, not something you’ve done before. Be original and creative! We encourage a diversity of ideas!
  • All projects must be free and open to the public to attend!

  • Funds can be requested for a range of project materials (i.e. permit fees, refreshments for the event, artists fee, rental of meeting space, promotional items, etc.).  Honorariums can only be given for hired professionals  i.e.  Artist, Musician, Guest speaker, professional facilitator etc. Please be detailed when you request an honorarium. Volunteer time cannot be claimed. See the Expense sample.
  • ActicateYYC grant money will only be reimbursed for the materials listed in your application. If there is a change to your budget, please inform the  microgrants coordinator  BEFORE your event.
  • ActivateYYC grant money cannot be used to purchase assets (any item over $500 and has a lifespan of over 1 year i.e. laptop) – meaning a resource that an individual or organization owns with the expectation that it will provide a future benefit.
  • ActivateYYC grant money can only be used for the main project or event submitted. The grant money cannot be used for any subsequent activities following your project or event that were not originally approved. Any changes to the event/project must be approved by the project coordinator prior to your event.
  • Grants will be a maximum of $750, depending on project requirements.
  • All ActivateYYC microgrants are on a reimbursement basis.  A final report along with pictures and proof of expenses will be required before you will receive payment. Reimbursement cheques will only be made out to the partnering organization and not to individuals.
  • Proof of expenses means an itemized invoice or receipt showing the details of what was purchased along with proof of payment. A debit or credit card proof of transaction is not enough. Proof of payment can be a cheque stub or credit/debit card receipt or detailed bank statement. If cash was used please contact us to find out what is required.
  • Grant recipients must also complete a short online reporting process that documents your observations and experiences in navigating City processes.
  • Applications will be carried forward to each funding cycle – so you only have to apply once.

ActivateYYC is now closed!

Thank you to all who applied and congratulations to all the recipients.

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McKayla Saint-Cyr
ActivateYYC Coordinator
(403) 244-4111 ext. 217
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Created by: Ben Morin -- Last Modified: December 12, 2018