Who We Are

Our origins start with Calgarians coming together in the 1900s to offer social and recreational opportunities for neighbours.

As Calgary grew, communities did the same, and began forming community associations in the 1920s.

By the 1950s these volunteer-run organizations began facing common issues and found they needed support from an organization who understood them and could help them.

We are that organization.

We are the Federation of Calgary Communities!


Who We Serve

It all starts at the community level.

We serve more than 230 small non-profit organizations, including the 151 community associations.

Every day these volunteer-run organizations are positively impacting Calgarians and shaping our city.

While we have evolved and grown as a non-profit since we formed in 1961, we remain committed to serving over 20,000 community volunteers.


What We Do

We support, train, and encourage community non-profit leaders and volunteers.

We give them the education and tools they need to continue making Calgary a great place to live, work, and play.

We advocate for them and recognize the community volunteers making a difference in our city.

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What Makes Us Different

We are people centered, focusing on our city’s small, grassroots community non-profit organizations that run on volunteer power.

We are accessible, responsive, and evolving to their needs.

All our services are offered as part of our low-cost annual membership fee.

We also operate the only financial audit service in Canada, specifically for non-profit organizations.


Last Modified: October 30, 2018